SolarRev Generator Emergency Response Tech

Filipino Inventor of SolarRev Generator released diagram of his invention for free in the internet, see copy here

After a direct message to DIYers to copy his invention and also to other big companies, recently, the CEO of Calriger Technologies released for free the diagram of his invention the Calriger SolarRev Generator S1 – GA10 model to the online web. Giancarlo Capco, CEO of Calriger Tech: If you want more, just ask and […]

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ARMSCOR’S Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo with Calriger SolarRev

The Tactical, Survival & Arms Expo of ARMSCOR focuses on disaster preparedness to help lessen the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, it helps the people to prepare for unforseen events and it advices a design for a coordinated response and rescue plan in times of disasters and Calamities. -Giancarlo Capco, Speaker for Emergency Response […]

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