Giancarlo Capco

A Pateros Filipino Inventor of the SolarRev Generator gives for free the design of his invention SRG S1 to all Filipinos

Posting the Message of a Filipino Inventor of the SolarRev Generator from Pateros Philiplines to all Filipinos! We are inviting Filipinos or even Chinese companies to copy our Filipino design of the SolarRev Generator without use of microchip board and instead, we used DC system manual connections, vehicle wires, fuse and marine boat socket parts […]

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Wisdom: Realization beats experience in the long race

You learn good wisdom from things you experience in life, then you can get multiple wisdom and virtues from experiences of others. EXPERIENCE is the best teacher, but step by step REALIZATION can beat Experience in the long race. GIANCARLO CAPCO Founder, Calriger SolarRev Learn about our life research and Technologies at […]

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Military Grade BlackCore S300 SolarRev Generator Made in the Philippines -Solar Philippines

Tech update. Things that soldiers can develop inside military life: Military Defense Technologies’ Military Grade Solar Generator for Radio Comms Charging made by Filipinos from Civilian Tech Network in partnership with Army Soldier Technologists 7th CRG AFP. Proudly Filipino Made SolarRev Generator Technology! Learn How to Make Your Own SolarRev Generator

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