History: GIS by Mayor Rosendo Capco of Pateros

History: GIS by Mayor Rosendo Capco of Pateros

History: Atty. Rosendo T. Capco ( Mayor of Pateros )

History: How We Use GIS in Pateros www.pateroscity.net

Pateros is located in the south eastern
part of Metro Manila, bounded by
Pasig City on the North, Taguig on the
South and Makati City on the West. It
is the smallest of the seventeen cities
and municipalities comprising Metro
Manila. The land is approximately only
183 hectares composed of 10
Its primary land use classification is
residential comprising of 84 % of the
total land. Because of its size,
population density, narrow roads and
most of all, proximity to larger cities,
Pateros has no comparative advantage
in terms of development. Hence, it has
very limited economical resources. It
appears that it has become a bedroom
municipality to other neighboring
cities/municipalities where most of
them are employed.

The Mayor, Hon. Rosendo T. Capco,
has succeeded his brother as the Local
Chief Executive in 2001. It is his
second term as Mayor, being a lawyer
he has served as kagawad during the
term of his brother Jose T. Capco Jr.
He has lived in one of the largest
barangay, Barangay Sta. Ana, where
most urban poor communities are
located and he served as lawyer under
the legal aid program to DSWD helping
this community. As the successor to
his brother, he has helped in
continuing and implementing the
programs that was initiated during that

The Mayor is not so knowledgeable in
GIS but gives his full support and
confidence to the Planning office
headed by Angelus Ponce. The
Sanguniang Bayan of Pateros has
approved its CLUP on May 21, 2003.
Pateros has very limited resources to
finance projects, but the Mayor boasts
that he has helped 25 urban poor
communities out of 60, to acquire the
land through the Community Mortgage
Program (CMT). Although there are
still remaining urban poor communities,
the problem lies in the landowners
unwilling to sell their property to give
way to the urban poor settlers who are
leasing the land. Pateros is fully
dependent on the National Housing
Authority to provide relocation sites.

Recent update 2016: First Capco & Calriger Solar Powered Facility SolarRev Training Center was established by Capco in Pateros on year 2016.

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