SolarRev Generator Blueprint

It is important to be Right and Kind in solving Energy Crisis in the Philippines

Energy Crisis can be solved by SolarRev Generators and made in the Philippines Solar Inventions: It is important to be RIGHT and KIND at the same time, and when you are being asked to just do one thing, to do what is right is more important than tolerating the wrong things by just being kind […]

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A Pateros Filipino Inventor of the SolarRev Generator gives for free the design of his invention SRG S1 to all Filipinos

Posting the Message of a Filipino Inventor of the SolarRev Generator from Pateros Philiplines to all Filipinos! We are inviting Filipinos or even Chinese companies to copy our Filipino design of the SolarRev Generator without use of microchip board and instead, we used DC system manual connections, vehicle wires, fuse and marine boat socket parts […]

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