It is important to be Right and Kind in solving Energy Crisis in the Philippines

It is important to be Right and Kind in solving Energy Crisis in the Philippines

Energy Crisis can be solved by SolarRev Generators and made in the Philippines Solar Inventions:

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It is important to be RIGHT and KIND at the same time, and when you are being asked to just do one thing, to do what is right is more important than tolerating the wrong things by just being kind and ignoring the wrong just to please people.
Giancarlo Capco
Inventor of SolarRev Gen SOGPH1- Solar Sun Of God that aims to end energy crisis in the Philippines. Story:

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During his introductory speech about the importance of the SolarRev Generator powered by the Solar Sun Of God that can end energy crisis, he slams the in action of congress in passing renewable energy law that should be beneficial to all solar users, he said that such law is only possible if we Filipino people will stand for our right to benefit from the use of all kind of solar setups on-grid and off-grid and the Philippine Government should recognize the importance of passing a law that will give incentives to all solar users, developers, installers and Inventions especially those that are made in the Philippines and those solar technologies that can solve power outage and help in lessening the impact of disasters and calamities, Giancarlo Capco of Calriger SolarRev said during his talk and free SolarRev Generator setup training with the Mangyan Community in Puerto Galera Mindoro Philippines

Giancarlo further stated that, I shared the situation of many Filipinos during my free SolarRev Generator training with mangyan tribes and other communities because i know that sharing the truth is the right thing to do, I said to them that many of Filipinos avoid doing what is right and use kindness the wrong way by just being silent to what corrupt politicians are doing and at the end of the day, the wrong use of kindness ends up supporting the corrupt actions of these politicians. Some Filipinos tend to ignore wrong actions of these people and tend to say that despite corrupt actions, maybe such politician is just doing corruptions to help uplift Filipino lives but what really happening is that many Filipinos dont want to point out the wrong deeds of people to avoid conflict and because of that more problems arises. This I said because when my SolarRev Team did ocular for free solar maintenance in many off-grid areas we saw many damaged and unmaintained solar setup that were installed by politician without proper planning about maintenance and repairs. Many of these Politicians used the government fund allotted to solar street light just to install them and earn from kickbacks from the project without thinking of long-term care and maintenance of this solar technology. I am kind enought to help the community in their solar training needs but I also know that I need to do what is right and share the truth to the Filipino people for them to know that our country is calling them to be watchful and be ready to stand for what is right. We can all be kind and do what is right at the same time for these actions can lead to our country’s betterment, Giancarlo Capco said.

The current state of our Renewable Energy Law in the Philippines focus small benefits on the flawed incentives for on-grid solar setup and doesn’t give benefits to the other users of solar technologies including those Filipinos who develop and invent solar generator products that are being used in off-grid sites, rescue missions during calamities and power sources of disaster responders during aftermath of earthquakes and typhoons.

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