Casa Escondida Divers Donated Calriger SolarRev Solar Street Lights to the Off-grid Island of Maricaban Batangas.

Casa Escondida Divers Donated Calriger SolarRev Solar Street Lights to the Off-grid Island of Maricaban Batangas.

Casa Escondida Divers Donated Calriger SolarRev Solar Street Lights to the Off-grid Island of Maricaban Batangas.

Batangas — Casa Escondida Dive Resort and Calriger SolarRev Street Light Products with volunteer from Global Advocacies G.Capco and the Island divers, has donated 50 “SolarRev Street Lights” to the island of Tingloy Maricaban Batangas.

In December 20, 2019, the islands divers from Casa Escondida ( brought to the Maricaban Islands Solar lights, food and Advocacy training programs to empower the Community with skills and with the help of Calriger SolarRev they managed to bring the SolarRev Sun Of God Street Lights and provided hope and light to the community.

Albert Kang the project head told Global Advocacies Missions that Casa Escondida, their friends and island divers contacted Calriger SolarRev to provided discounted SolarRev Street Lights and other free items that can be installed to the said island of Maricaban for the island is suffering from power shortage due to damage on its island generator and most of the time students going to the mountain school needs to walk in pitch black path ways just to go to school at around 4am.

On the same day Giancarlo Capco of Calriger SolarRev ( and also the head of Global Advocacies ( talked about importance of learning the SolarRev technology so that the Community can take care and do maintenance of these SolarRev Solar Street Lights. Sef Carandang an Island Diver also shared her Advocacy about proper recycling of plastic materials and clean up of the islands to avoid waste in the sea, while Uncle D of the Bone Collector shared his experience in recovering garbage inside a whale stomach that caused its death. The island divers from Casa Escondida Dive Resort provided food and beverage to the community people who attended the advocacy program “Empowering Maricaban with Renewable and Sustainable Ways”.

When the actual Installation of SolarRev Solar Street Light was started, Maricaban Residents volunteered to setup the poles and install the SolarRev Solar Street Lights, this was headed by Mark a local resident of the island.

These are Industrial grade Calriger SolarRev Street lights made using quality steel materials with builtin lithium battery and partnered with auto light sensor On and Off function attached with the solar panel. These can be installed in homes or can be used as street lights,” Giancarlo Capco said. It is a good quality SolarRev street lights that has replacement parts and can be maintained after the battery or led diode runs off because all parts of this technology is here in the Philippines and compared to other solar products in the market which are designed to be disposable, these SolarRev Solar Street Lights can be repaired, upgraded and maintained for it is not disposable. The solar light can give 10 hours of stored SolarRev Sun Of God power in its built-in battery and the Community doesn’t need to switch it for each unit automatically turned on during night time and turned off during day time, Giancarlo Capco explained.

Albert Kang, the project head said that these lights gives a secured feeling to the people because with proper lightings at night the people feel safe walking in the island path beside the beach. This, we know, already bring hope and light to the heart of the people towards rebuilding their Community and make it better.

Meanwhile, another batch of SolarRev Solar Street Lights donations are being planned by the group together with projects such as eliminate Plastic usage and develop proper garbage recycling for the same island for 2020 Advocacy projects to completely give solar lights to the whole island and help improve lives and provide livelihood to the people of Maricaban Tingloy Batangas.

Credits to Casa Escondida Dive Resort and its Volunteer Divers headed by Dive Instructor Dong –

Volunteer from Davao Mindanao

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