How this Entrepreneur help solved poverty in the Philippines

How this Entrepreneur help solved poverty in the Philippines

Undergoing skills training that can eradicate poverty is what poor people need for them to get out of the poverty zone. – GCaps Giancarlo Capco

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Social Enterprise the heart of Nation Building:
Part of the profits that I earn from Calriger sales I save them and use them for advocacy missions, then me and my team travels to different provinces to teach Free SolarRev Generator setup then also donate some SolarRev technologies with the requirement that they will assemble and setup the SolarRev Generator that we will donate and also for them to take care of it.

Social Advocacy Fuels Right Development:
Then as part of my advocacies, I give the blueprints of my inventions for free to help people to see how they can make their own SolarRev Generator, also to help humanity improve the design and share them to the world and also inspire many people to learn and make their own SolarRev at the same time. If they have skills on making the solar generator setup, they can start making a living and have source of income. Then little by little they can defeat poverty and improve their lives and also help in contributing good things to our country’s right progress.

Sharing makes the world a better place:
My advice to people who wants to be Missionaries and help people in need is for you to keep on improving yourself the right way with the guide of values and virtues and while doing it, do your best to help improve others lives in your own special ways. Lets keep on sharing good and right thing with each other for these sharings can help us make this world a better place for all of us 🙂

GCaps Giancarlo Capco
CEO, Calriger Industries
Lead Advocate – Global Advocacies International Missions
Chief Advocacy Officer – Solar Town Initiative
Inventor of Calriger SolarRev Generator
GM- Capco Group of Companies

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