The GCaps Story and Birth of Calriger: I stopped drinking alcoholic drinks and other vices and my decision made me better than before.

The GCaps Story and Birth of Calriger: I stopped drinking alcoholic drinks and other vices and my decision made me better than before.

The GCaps Story and Birth of Calriger: I stopped drinking alcoholic drinks and other vices and my decision made me better than before.

First person type: Giancarlo Capco: I Quit with a mission and I asked my Creator to help and support me in this mission so that I can inspire people who are in need of inspiration and motivation to stop drinking alcoholic drinks or for them to stop vices and other things that hinder their development.

This started with a firm decision to Stop without delay. Long-time ago, I was a heavy drinker, I love tequila and I drink it like a juice then I vomit alot then drink again, I enjoyed it with my friends because it looks cool and I feel like a very cool guy with them, then I decided to stop drinking alcoholic drinks and cigarettes on my 4th year of high school after I was forced to transfer school by my school because of series of misbehavior. I stopped my vices the drinking of alcoholic drinks and occasional use of cigarettes to promote healthy living for all young people who are addicted to alcoholic drinks and other vices or can’t stop because of peer pressure or work pressure. I remember saying to one of my friends who forced me to drink again for “pakikisama” or he said for me not to be kill joy, I said that – This is me joining this party because I enjoy this friendship for it is more important than drink because the important thing is I am as your friend and not the drinking thing. Another one of my friends said that you cannot avoid it especially if you are with your boss or client because it is a sign of respect to drink with them during meetings or business transaction talks, I proved I can still avoid drinking because that is what I really want and believe that it is not important in business of work, so when the opportunity to prove this happened, I gain the respect of my client during the business deal because he said that I am so prepared and I know my business very well, though he drink beer on the transaction and offered me some, I said that I don’t drink alcoholic drinks because my principle is to take only things that I believe is the best for me, for my health and for my well being, he said, I am a man of principles and by the way, the deal was closed and it was implemented successfully. This also happened in my consultancy work, almost same discussion but again we end up respecting each other’s beliefs.

Then my mission to promote to the stop vices and start it with stopping drinking alcoholics drinks was when a women closely related to my family was raped in her best friend’s farewell party drinking session when she was with her best friend who was about to go to another country. She was raped by her close friend during that party in her close friend’s house. Fortunately, the police was sent to arrest the guy in the airport right before the final boarding call. But sadly, the rape case was dismissed after series of trials because the judge said that there is doubt if this case is rape because the girl and guy were drinking heavily in the guy’s room and house and the heavy drinking of alcoholic drinks of these two put a reasonable doubt in favor of the accused.

Then further research, I found out with National Youth Leadership Summit and National Youth Commission that most of drug addicts started with drinking alcoholic drinks due to peer pressure, then also followed by illegal drugs thru peer pressure, then most rape cases were during drinking sessions or started because of drinking alcoholic drinks.

These are just few reasons why I stopped drinking and I always do my best to promote the facts that we can be happy and have better conversations with people even without alcoholic drinks. True friends and family members can enjoy each other’s company even without beer or alcoholics drinks or the likes etc.

When you stop your vices, you become more healthy and fit, you can also save a lot of money for eradicating vices or for not having vices. Better bonding with friends can be achieved because all of you are normal and can speak the truth even without use of alcohol drinks.

Also, after I stopped drinking alcoholic drinks and also stopped my other vices longtime ago or way back 2002, I start to learn how to control my emotions the right way and accelerate my focus on improving myself. Then blessings and great things comes to my life continuously including my company Calriger Technologies, my good health that is fit to do extraordinary actions in my sports and my numerous SolarRev Generator inventions that I contribute to the society to make this world a better place and most especially to Glorify and honor my Creator my God for all the blessings from up above!

Giancarlo Capco
CEO, Calriger Technologies
Inventor, SolarRev Generator
Captain Founder, Sovereign Integridad FC
Chief Advocacy Officer, Global Advocacies International Missions

Giancarlo Capco
Calriger Industries

SolarRev Generator

What do you think of my mission?

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