Eradicating Depression by the new breed of Patriotic Missionaries

Eradicating Depression by the new breed of Patriotic Missionaries

All our bodies encounter stress, we just manage it with our strength. Then the chance to beat stress is thru exercise, then other ways are relaxation, crying, travelling, helping other and many more, these remove us from the zone where depression comes because we are trained better by our wisdom from our experiences during our growth moments.

Sharing Clean Renewable Energy development skills to tribesmen, indigenous people and people living in far flunk communities in mountain ranges and ocean fishing villages. Mission: Bring the Solar Sun of God in Every Home
The Titos and Titas of this Generation, a group of strong young professionals composed of businessmen, career oriented strong leaders, nurses, medical field workers and economist in top offices who don’t see depression as an option because they have more better things to do to improve lives of Filipino people, friends and families.

With this type of life management, We don’t see depression as option to have in our lives because we know that there are more things we can do to help make our lives and our world better than being depressed.

Bringing clean power sources in off grid sites and communities

Time to share your strength and remove depression in our society.

Interaction with kids and sharing wisdom and virtues that can make them stronger Human beings with heart for making the world better and founded with goodness and the right.
Making our body, mind, heart and soul strong through sportsmanship, health and fitness principles
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    Solar Town Initiative

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