ARMSCOR’S Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo with Calriger SolarRev

ARMSCOR’S Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo with Calriger SolarRev

The Tactical, Survival & Arms Expo of ARMSCOR focuses on disaster preparedness to help lessen the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, it helps the people to prepare for unforseen events and it advices a design for a coordinated response and rescue plan in times of disasters and Calamities.

-Giancarlo Capco,
Speaker for Emergency Response SolarRev Generator on TAC Expo,
CEO of Calriger Technologies

On Giancarlo Capco’s part, as CEO of Calriger Technologies and developer of the Emergency Response SolarRev Generator, he gives emphasis on the importance of knowing how to create your own source of power during disaster and Calamities to power your emergency lights and communication devices and it is good if your power source is from a renewable energy for this can last longer and it is independent and sustainable.

Capco stressed out that criminal activities are sky rocketing during times of distress especially during blackouts caused by disasters as experienced by the Yolanda typhoon victims and during aftermaths of various calamities. These crimes can be lessen or avoided when we people of the community affected by the disaster know how to secure ourselves and our areas of responsibilities by powering our homes and our community rescue and emergency command centers. These things we can learn from the Armscor’s TAC Expo.

Capco said that his company’s Solar Town Initiative aims to educate the people about these matters and having a SolarRev Power in your hands or anywhere you go are just some of the advantages of knowing how to make your own Emergency Response SolarRev Generator

and another thing this gives us higher rate of survival because we have power to light up our area and connect solar powered communication radio lines.

Attend the Armscor’s Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo and learn how to prepare and Survive during Calamities and Disasters.

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