Retired Soldier’s Open letter to AFP

Retired Soldier’s Open letter to AFP

Retired Soldier’s Open letter to AFP and President Duterte:

This was who we were during the prime and best years of our lives.
A lonely but challenging life sacrificing the youth that we’ve never enjoyed.

Now we are Retired for Good. We are old, poor and sickly. But the Bad thing is we still continue to sacrifice, longing, and waiting what is DUE us from the Philippine government.

Suppose to be, RETIREES now are just enjoying the remaining sunset of their lives. Savoring the fruits of their hard earned labor which NEVER did they experienced when they were young.

But NO. Not at all. The people whom you fought for, defended and protected to and ultimately laid down your life for them to LIVE the comforts of their aircondition homes and offices are the same people who are now squeezing your neck and making you to appear like BEGGARS begging for your own money.

These people are highly educated. They came from prominent families. Some of their father were former president. They had the Masteral of this and that, a PHD’s of so and so, but having the ADICTIVE attitude for MONEY is the saddest part of their well known image that they will be bringing with them when they will go to HELL.

Sir and Ma’am Honorables of the Senate and Congress, the Retirees are respectfully appealing to you regarding our pension benefits. It has been in your hands since time in memorial. Days flew by, Retirees DIE. Just immagine the depressing time of waiting then suddenly one at a time they just die without even holding what they waited for too long.

You can quarel among yourselves day and night as you wish. But PLEASE do your job properly and promptly. Our nation is suffering because of you. Come Fire, Strong winds and High Seas you will not starve of hunger. Retirees and their families will. ENOUGH aquiring Money that does not belong to you. Don’t you ever realized that you are robbing your own peoples money? You already have plenty of it. What do you intend to do with more and more of it. You cannot bring your tonnage of money with you when you die. That’s for sure.

Mr President, you are a considerate and a kind hearted man. Evidently, you LOVE elderly people. Please, do everything in your power to help us your Poor, Old, and Sickly Retirees of AFP, PNP, BJMP, BFD, the Survivors, Transferees and all MUP’s including NAMRIA. Sir, you are our only HOPE in this quest. Your help will possibly stretch the twillight years of our lives on Earth a little bit longer.

Maraming Salamat po. Patnubayan nawa kayo ng Diyos.

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